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led stradale

Led Stradale
Power (W) da60 a 200 watt
Dimension 700*346*120mm
Inpute voltage(V) 85~265V AC
Ra (CRI) ≥75
Color temp.(CCT) 2800-7500K
Power factor ≥0.95
Frequency (Hz) 47 to 63Hz
Light decay <3% within 3000Hrs
Lifespan(Hrs) ≥35,000H
Humidity range 5 to 95% R.H.
Work temp. -20~+55℃
Store temp. -40~+85℃
Ip grade IP65
Warranty 3 years
Certification CE FCC RoHS


led stradalec2

Model Power Lumen(lm) Dimension(mm) Color
led street light 60W 1*60W 5400 530*115*250mm W/WW
led street light 80W 1*80W 7200 530*115*250mm W/WW
led street light 100W 2*50W 9000 640*245*115mm W/WW
led street light 120W 2*60W 10800 640*245*115mm W/WW
led street light 120W 3*40W 10800 800*310*90mm W/WW
led street light 150W 3*50W 14400 800*310*90mm W/WW


led stradalec3

Model Power Lumen(lm) Dimension Color
LED street light 60w CL3 60*1W 5040 544*350*100mm W/WW
LED street light 112w CL3 112*1W 10800 705*350*100mm W/WW
LED street light 168w CL3 168*1W 15120 865*350*100mm W/WW


led stradalec4

Model Power Lumen(lm) RadiatorDimension(mm) Color
LED street light 56w CL4 56*1W 5040 430*315*125 W/WW
LED street light 98w CL4 98*1W 8820 610*315*125 W/WW
LED street light 126w CL4 126*1W 11340 730*315*125 W/WW
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